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A Special Mother's Day Performance With Marshall Dane

Updated: May 15, 2020

Last week, musician Marshall Dane asked me if I wanted to join him for a Mother's Day concert he was asked to play outside a long-term care home in Bradford, Ontario.

Without hesitation, I immediately said yes.

I mean, you have to understand where I'm coming from.

These past few months have sent me to some dark places, but through all of this I am constantly reminded of how fortunate and grateful I am to consider my home to be a comfortable place. My heart goes out to anyone who doesn't feel the same.

It's surprisingly easy to forget that some of us don't have access to some of life's blessings that most take for granted: the warmth of a companion, a loving family, an income, food, or even physical mobility.

It saddened me to see all the lonely mothers looking outside their windows on Mother's Day. Some got visits from their families and were celebrated from distance, others were delivered cards and some got neither.

Thankfully, Marshall shared his love and energy through a special concert in the garden that afternoon. His performance was a breath of fresh air—and we saw plenty of smiles!

A family visits their grandmother (Baba) from a distance and brought a sign to celebrate Mother's Day.

Baba tries to force her window open to talk to her family, but her window can't be opened any further than a few inches for safety reasons.

Marshall wasn't keen on setting up his electronics in the rain, but came prepared and packed some blankets to cover his speakers.

As soon as he was done setting up in the garden, the rain magically stopped!

Residents of the Bradford Valley Care Community had their windows open as far as they could, anticipating Marshall Dane's performance.

Marshall opened the concert with some stories and thoughts on all the beauty surrounding him for Mother's Day.

Some windows have hearts taped on the windows, sure fits our theme!

Taking in a strange feeling—that of performing for a crowd behind a wall.

Ignoring the barriers, Marshall sang his heart out like the wall wasn't even there!

Three bright pink tulips covered in light rain in the garden.

'What a Wonderful World', 'Take Me Home, Country Roads' and 'Amazing Grace' are among some of the classic hits he performed.

Two ladies up in the lounge area were having a great time, they cried out: "Sing it, baby!" while dancing near their window. Marshall replied to them with a lovely compliment!

Caught in the moment—clearly the face of someone full of love, energy and gratitude after a wonderful day spent spreading joy with the world!

Thank you, Marshall, once again for including me in such a unique and wonderful opportunity. My heart is full once again, knowing you raised the spirits of so many people going through a difficult time living in a COVID positive long-term care home. Thank you for being you!

Marshall Dane is an artist who always connects with his audience and his energy and passion for performing makes his shows impossible to forget. Follow him on Facebook to keep up to date with his latest performances!

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