Victoria is a natural-born entertainer, a skilled content creator, and is happiest when she’s working on an unusual project. 

Victoria est une artiste d'origine naturelle et une créatrice de contenu talentueuse. Elle adore les projets inhabituels. 

Victoria has had the pleasure of proudly working with hundreds of inspiring people since she began her photography journey at the young age of 14. She is well known for her adventurous style and adaptability in any given environment. Victoria carries a variety of camera equipment and is able to cater to many different styles.

After completing only one year of media at Sheridan College, she decided not to continue pursuing a formal education and immediately dove into her passion. She gained creative sales, customer service and technical support experience by working in a camera store and later for reputable imaging brands such as Fujifilm and Nikon.


Victoria's day job is working in the marketing department at Adventure Canada where she captures and produces refreshing content for the company's social channels, handles online advertising and manages their creative assets. This wonderful and fitting position gives her the opportunity to travel to some of the most precious and remote destinations in the world such as the Canadian Arctic, Greenland, Iceland, the East Coast of Canada and beyond. On these voyages, she promotes the use of Nikon photography equipment and provides support as well as tips and tricks to her fellow passionate travellers. 


As a child, she remembers bringing disposable film cameras to school and enjoyed when her father let her borrow his equipment to capture memories on vacations. She spent most of her summers on the beach getting her hands and feet dirty at her family escape on the Saint Lawrence River in Québec. This is where she found her love for the outdoors, developed a passion for fishing and let her imagination run wild.

Victoria uses photography as a method of communication by capturing her visions and revealing them to the world. She finds inspirations for her dark photographs through music, nature and isolation.

In early 2016, late to the game⁠—Victoria stepped into the lab and completed a darkroom course at U of T. She quickly fell in love with the lost art of film photography. 
Her passion for urban exploring, hiking and travel makes her a great choice for anyone searching for something different. Her dynamic and adaptable personality gives her the unique ability to capture photographs for just about anything you need.

Victoria has an undying drive to constantly challenge herself both mentally and physically—and the rewards she reaps are wonderful. There’s never a dull moment in her waking hours. She is flexible, motivated, and highly adaptable—she relishes in the unexpected.